Flash CS3 Tutorial: The Rectangle Primitive Tool.

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Free Flash Tutorial - Primitive Shape Tools

Free Flash Tutorial

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Step One: The Rectangle Primitive Tool

  1. Open a New Flash Document: File > New (Ctrl N)
  2. Select a Flash Document: Flash File Flash File (ActionScript 2.0) or (ActionScript 3.0)
  3. Click: OK
  4. Important Note: These tools are not available in any version of Flash prior to Flash CS3. So you will not find them in Flash 8, Flash MX etc. You can find out what version of Flash you are using by going to: Help > About Flash

  5. In the Tools Panel Select the: Rectangle Primitive Tool:
  6. Draw a: Rectangle
  7. Tip: If you want to draw a perfect square hold the Shift Key as you draw the rectangle.

  8. If your Property Inspector is closed, open it: Window > Properties > Properties (Ctrl F3)
  9. You will see the Corner Radius Controls:

    Corner Radius Controls as seen in the Property Inspector.

    Note: The Corner Radius Controls appear for both the original Rectangle Tool and the new Rectangle Primitive Tool. It is how they function that is different.

  10. To edit the rectangle play with the: Corner Controls
  11. You will be able to see the effects as you change the controls. You will also be able to deselect your rectangle and return to re-edit its characteristics later.


Step 1    <<   Previous      Intro   1   2     Next   >>    

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