Flash Tutorial: The Pen Tool - Drawing a Rectangle.

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Step Three: Drawing a Rectangle

All the previous shapes are open (they have two end points). Now I will show you how to create a rectangle, which is a closed shape.

Example: Download the Flash Drawing Template  Draw 224b  (Closed Shapes)

  1. Display Grid: View > Grid > Show Grid (Ctrl #)
  2. Set the Grid to Snap: View > Snapping > Snap to Grid (Ctrl Alt #)

  3. Move the Mouse to the start location: Click
  4. To place the 2nd Anchor Point move the Mouse to a new location: Click
  5. To place the 3rd and 4th Anchor Point: Click, Move & Click
  6. Hover your Cursor close to the first Anchor: Hover Over Anchor 1
  7. Before closing the rectangle hover over the first Anchor and look for the little circle that appears just to the bottom right of the Pen Icon. If you can see the circle you are in the correct position to close the shape:

  8. Click over the starting Anchor to close: Click over Anchor 1

  9. To finish the line: Ctrl Click

  10. Turn off the snap to grid: View > Snapping > Snap to Grid (Ctrl Alt #)
  11. Turn off the display grid: View > Grid > Show Grid (Ctrl #)


Step 3    <<   Previous      Intro   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13     Next   >>    

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