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Step Thirteen: Drawing a Maze - Techniques Introduced in Flash CS3

Now it is time to go it alone and try and draw something slightly more complicated. Below I have drawn a maze for you to try and recreate:

Example: Download the Flash Drawing Template  Draw 224p  (Maze)

Draw a Maze. Select the: Pen Tool

You should now start to get an idea of what the Pen Tool is capable of achieving. Up until now I have shown you how to get the drawing correct as you draw. You maybe pleased to know that it doesn't really matter if you make mistakes as you go along as it is often easier to correct your work after you have drawn the basic shape. In the next tutorial I will introduce you to the tools needed to edit the shapes that you have create with the Pen, Pencil or Brush Tools. You can also edit other vector type images that may have been created in programs like Illustrator or Fonts and most Clip Art.

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