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Skinning Components with Style

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Changing Style Properties for Components

Skinning or Styling refers to the user's option to change some of the appearance aspects of the Components in the Flash Movie using ActionScript. With the example in this tutorial you will be able to take almost any graphical Flash 8 or MX04 Component and quickly transform its many properties to fit any theme on any website.

Below is an example file setup to let you view real-time how the Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, List, RadioButton, and TextArea Components behave when their style Halo Theme properties are changed:

Example: Download the Flash file Com 608a


Some Components from the Halo theme and their style properties.

There are many levels upon which you can set a Style property, including the Class, Theme, and Component type levels. The lowest level would be styling an individual Component, and the highest would be styling all Components of all types in a Flash Movie. These are the two levels that will be discussed in this tutorial: Individual and Global Skinning.

Example: Download the Flash file Com 608b

Halo orange theme with a single Component.

Note: For a complete listing of all the properties associated with each Component, refer to this pdf file: Component Style Properties.pdf


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