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Flash Tutorial - Animating Smoke, Steam or Dry Ice

405 Animation
Flash Compatibility: Flash 8 Pro Only

Written by: Phil Schulz

Length: 1800 words

Assumed Knowledge: Some knowledge of Tweening and nesting symbols would be useful.

Level: Easy


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Animating smoke and steam can be a tricky thing but with Flash 8 Pro the new Filters make smoke screens very easy. The animation of a steam room or a steamy hot coffee cup is no problem. If what you want is a smoky room or chimney well just use the same blur filter smoke/steam technique.

Example: Download the Flash file Ani 405a

Example of steamy hot coffee.


Example: Download the Flash file Ani 405b

The same steamy hot animation on a black background.


Example: Download the Flash file Ani 405c

An animation of a natural Steam Vent in Rotorua, New Zealand.


Example: Download the Flash file Ani 405d

Here the animation is used to create black smoke.

In the above Movies the method of creating the animation is the same. They all uses the new filters that come with Flash 8 Pro.

Note: This animation technique will only work with Flash 8 Pro. Alas if you have Flash 8 Basic or any earlier version of Flash such as MX or MX 2004 you will not be able to use this technique. To check which version of Flash you are running open Flash and go to: Help > About Flash

The animation method used to create the smoke and steam in the Movies above all use the same method. In this tutorial I am going to describe how to create this smoke and steam using Flash 8 Pro's new Filters.


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