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Flash Tutorial - Changing the Cursor


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The aim of the tutorial is to learn how to change the standard arrow cursor to one of your own.


Example 1: Download the Flash file  Beg 010a


Place your cursor in the Movie. Your arrow disappears and the spiral becomes your cursor.

Example 2: Download the Flash file Beg 010b

Example 3: Download the Flash file Beg 010c

Grab the flowers... Oh no you can't!
Roll over flowers and hand closes, click and flowers move.

Step One: Create the cursor

First you need a picture that will replace the cursor.

  1. Go to Insert > New Symbol

  2. In the dialog box give your symbol a name.

  3. Select Movie Clip as the behavior.

  4. Click OK.

  5. You must now create some sort of image that will replace the cursor. There are many ways of doing this in flash, the simplest being to draw one with the paint brush. But you could insert a Jpeg/Gif. Alternatively you could copy and paste a drawing from another program such as Illustrator or Freehand or copy and paste some clip art from Word. However you do it, you must create a picture inside your new symbol.

    Important Note: The picture or drawing that you create must be in the centre of the Symbol. If it is not in the centre it will not align correctly. The 'click' point of your new cursor will be the cross hair in the centre of the symbol.

    Note that the cross hair is at the point you would want to click with.

  6. When this is done return to the main stage by clicking on the Scene 1 Tab . You will return to the main stage, which should be empty.

  7. Click on Window > Library. Your symbol should be in the library.

  8. Drag your symbol onto the main stage. The position of the symbol does not matter.


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