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A Hyperlink is a technical term that means when you link from one web page to another. So a Link or a Hyperlink is the same thing. Making hyperlinks in Flash is easy. The principles are similar to making links in a standard HTML web pages but you create them through the Flash program. In this tutorial you will learn how to make hyperlinks in Flash that link one web page to another. You will also learn the difference between Absolute Links and Relative Links and when to use one as not the other. This tutorial also covers the actionScript need to control Framesets.



Absolute Links


Relative Links


Window Options & Frameset Links


Cross Ref: A Hyperlink is not an internal link from one part of your Flash Movie to another. If you wish to learn how to link within your Flash Movie go to the beginners tutorial: Creating Links within a Flash Movie


Cross Ref: Want to know how to make: Email Links


Flash MX: If you are using Flash MX you should look at the original version of this tutorial: Hyperlinks Flash MX


Example: Download the Flash file  Beg 015a


Example of a button with a hyperlink to the webwasp home page.


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