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The aim of the tutorial is to learn how to create an input box and get buttons to change a movie clip based on what the user has typed into the input box. The reset button changes the movie clip to the original default position irrespective of the input box.

Example: Download the Flash file  Beg 016a

Step One: Creating a Movie Clip

First we must create a movie clip. I choose to draw a frog.

  1. Go to Insert > New Symbol
  2. Type the name: frog MC (or anything appropriate).
  3. Select Movie Clip as the behavior.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Draw a frog or whatever takes your fancy.
  6. When you have finished your drawing go to Edit > Select All. This will select all the parts of the frog.
  7. Go to > Modify Group.
  8. Go to Window > Properties to open the Property panel.
  9. Type 0 for the x and y values. Press Enter to active the values.
    This needs to be done as the action script measures the frog from the top left corner and if you do not align it in this way it will be difficult to set the action script in the rest button. The frog will not go back to the correct place on stage.
  10. Click on the Scene 1 Tab . You will return to the main stage.
  11. Open the Library by pressing F11 on the keyboard.
  12. Drag your frog onto the stage.
  13. Open the Property panel (Ctrl + F3).
  14. With the frog selected type the name frogie in the instance name box of the property panel. When you have finished typing press Enter to tell Flash that you have finished tying the instance name.

    Note: Even if you have typed a name in the instance box you may find that the name is not retained if you do not press Enter.
    Note: ActionScript is not like this and you do not need to press Enter when using the Action panel.
    Note: ActionScript is case sensitive. If you type frogie as the instance name, you will need to refer to it in the actionscript as frogie. If you type Frogie Flash will not find the movie clip.


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