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Flash Tutorial - Displaying Frame Numbers


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The aim of the tutorial is to learn how to use actionscript to display the Frame number from the Timeline.


Example: Download the Flash file  Beg 017a


Example of frame number being displayed.

Step One: Document Setup

The number of frames per second is controlled by the default setup. You cannot have one part of a movie playing at 12 frames pre second and another playing at 8 frames per second. To change the default setup:

  1. Go to: Modify > Document

  2. You will see: Frame rate: 12 fps
    or something similar. The movie above is set at: 12 fps (frames per second).

  3. If you wish change the setting. This will slow down or speed up the play rate of your movie.

  4. Click: OK
  5. Note: Remember that you can change the frame rate at any time.

  6. With the Arrow Tool go to frame 50 in the time line and right click (Mac: Ctrl click) and select: Insert Frame

    The time line with 50 frames.


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