Optimising a Flash Movie

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Optimizing a Flash Movie


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We all want our files to download instantly and if not instantly at least quickly. The main reason why Flash has been so successful is because you can create files that are programmable, with stunning quality graphics that download quickly.


Flash is designed to create small sleek download files. The more aware you are of how Flash compresses files and the tools available to help you achieve this, the sleeker and meaner your Flash Movies will be.


In this tutorial I will look at those things which clog up a Flash file. Then I will look at what you can do to help create meaner and leaner files.


For demonstration purposes it is better to look at a specific Flash file, so I will use the movie below. Either download this or use your own Flash file.


Example: Download the Flash file Beg 020a


Test movie.

The test movie above is designed to be lumpy! That is so we can look at what causes it to be slow and what can be done about it.


It has a small sound attached to the button and a Jpeg. Alas both sound and some types of pictures cause Flash movies to become large. The first thing is to find out where the lumps are and for that we have two tools: The Bandwidth Profiler and the Size Report.


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