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This tutorial shows you how to create an input box which the user types a password. If the password is correct the user goes to a new frame in the Flash movie or a new web page. Using password protection in a file gives more security.

Important Note: Never use Flash Password protection for highly sensitive material. It is ok for low security material only. Flash files can be hacked into (for people who are into that sort of thing). Bare in mind that the vast majority of people on the net will have no idea of how to hack into a Flash file (or interest) and so information stored behind the password is quite safe from most peoples eyes.

There are Flash encryption programs which you can use to lock you Flash Movies and make them much more secure. These cost about $50. To find out more about these programs ask for the latest information on the site's: Forum

Cross Ref: There is an Intermediate tutorial on how to make a Flash Movie that has both a User Name and Password: User Names and Passwords


Example: Download the Flash file  Beg 022a


Try the following passwords:   webwasp    forum     private      please

You can use either the Enter button above or Enter on your keyboard.


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