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Free Flash Tutorial - Animation with Timeline Effects


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Timeline effects are a new feature of Flash MX 2004. They are designed to enable you to animate quickly without all the hassle of Keyframes and Tweening. It is easy and fast to create animation with Timeline Effects. This makes animation possible for the beginner and it makes animating much, much easier and faster for the pros.


So the advantage of animating with Timeline effects is that it is easy, quick and you don't need a lot of technical knowledge. Many beginners find Keyframes, Tweening and Nesting confusing. Timeline Effects by-pass all of this opening up the world of Flash animation to the beginner. The disadvantage of Timeline Effects is that you do not have the same level of control that you would if you were animating through the use of techniques such as tweening. Having said that Timeline Effects are a very powerfully tool and you can have a lot of fun working with them.

Example: Download the Flash file Int 028a

Example of the 'Expand' Timeline Effect.


Example: Download the Flash file Int 028b

Example of the 'Explode' Timeline Effect.

In this tutorial I will describe how to achieve the above Timeline Effect.

The full range of Timeline Effects are:

I am only going to demonstrate the Explode Effect. The techniques used are the same irrespective of which Effect you create. So once you are familiar with one the others are all very similar.


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