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Free Flash Tutorial - Analogue Clock


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Learn how to make an analogue clock. This tutorial shows you how to create a analogue clock in Flash. Have a look at the time on the clock below:

Example: Download the Flash file Int 031a

An Analogue
Clock with a clock face made in Flash MX 2004.

Note: This clock is taking the time off your local computer and displaying it on the web page through Flash. This is not perfect as I don't know if your clock is correct. There are other ways of finding out the time but they are much more complicated and not necessarily more accurate. So I have gone for a very simple method of finding out the time. It works and is not too difficult to create.

Cross Ref: If you would like to create an Digital Clock: Digital Clock Tutorial
Digital clocks are much easier to make in Flash because you haven't all the work of creating the face and hands.

Cross Ref: If you would like to display the date: Date Tutorial


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