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Flash - Operators

502 ActionScript
Flash Compatibility: MX

Written by: Phil

Length: 2400 words

Assumed Knowledge : None


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If you are going to get to grips with ActionScript a grasp of how Flash does its maths is essential. You cannot get around that one. Often the maths is not complicated but it does have to be written in the right order and you will need to know how to read it.


A few years ago (before I knew Flash) I went into the West End of London and bought myself a beginners book on JavaScript. I had never done any programming, and thought I could teach myself through a book. How wrong I was. The reason was the author took it for granted that readers understood operators.


Mathematical equations in programming are not the same as you might think !!!!


Or at least not the same as I thought. I was taught that = means equals, not: assign a new value !


This might be obvious to a programmer but it wasn't to me. This difference meant that the equations in my new book did not add up, at least not to me. Within a week of buying the book I gave it away to a friend who knew how to read it.


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