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Flash - Variables and Data Types

504 ActionScript
Flash Compatibility: MX

Written by: Phil

Length: 2200 words

Assumed Knowledge : Placing buttons on stage, attaching actions to buttons and the time line in expert mode.

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The aim of the tutorial is to learn about Variables and Data Types which are basic components of ActionScript. ActionScript can be broken down into different sections. Form the simplest to the most complex:


Variables and Data

A variable is a container. The container is capable of holding data, and that data may change and be used when needed. Imagine a glass. The glass is a container that may be empty or filled with a drink. Quite simply the variable is the glass and the drink is the data. The glass could have a little bit of water in it or a lot. When you have finished with the water you pour juice into the glass. Now you have some new data: juice. So you have one container which at different times may contain different data. Although it can only contain one piece data at a time. Here is an example of a variable which has had the data changed.

myVariable = "water";
myVariable = "juice";
myVariable = "";                //  myVariable now has no data


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