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Flash - Functions: Overloading

506 ActionScript
Written for Flash: MX

Compatibility: Flash MX, Flash 5, Flash 4

Written by: Phil

Length: 1200 words

Assumed Knowledge: Variables, Functions Part 1, Familiarity with Actionscript


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The aim of the tutorial is to learn how to use overloading in Flash. It is useful as overloading enables you to use one function for more than one outcome depending on what info is sent to the function. This means that a function can do multiple tasks. Overloading is not available in actionscript but you can force Flash to emulate overloading. Overloading is used in programs such as C++ or Java, but not Flash. This tutorial looks at how you make Flash Overload a function.


What is Overloading


The term overloading is used in programming when you have two (or more) functions with the same name. Depending on what information is passed to the function which function is used. You have two functions with the same name but a different number of parameters in the brackets () or parentheses. Depending on the number of variables passed to the function, depends which is used. The two functions would normally have a similar but different outcome. For instance one function may change the size of an object and the other it's position.



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