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Flash - Copyright Protection

509 ActionScript
Flash Compatibility: Flash Mx 2004   Flash MX 200
2  Flash 5

Written by: Phil

Length: 1100 words

Assumed Knowledge : ActionScript basics, creating a text box.


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The aim of the tutorial is to show you how to protect your work from theft. If you create a game or other Flash movie there is nothing to stop somebody from downloading the Shockwave file (swf) from your site and then uploading it to their own site. This tutorial will show you a very simple and effective way of giving you absolute protection from piracy. With the addition of a small amount of ActionScript the Flash movie simply will not work if it is uploaded to somebody else's site.


What's more if somebody does steal your work you can create a message that will appear asking them for a copyright payment !!  You could even get the Flash movie to send the offender to a page on your site, collect statistics from that page, and that way know who has tried to pirate your work. None of this will be visible or apparent when you upload the Flash movie to your own site or to other sites of your choice.


The ActionScript that you need to achieve this copyright protection is so small that it will have no significant impact on the size or of your Flash movie.



Example: Download the Flash file Int 509a


An example of a Flash movie working correctly.


Try and download the movie then uploaded it to your site. You will get a message similar to the one below:


What would appear if somebody Uploaded the Movie to their own site.




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