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The aim of the tutorial is to learn how to create a Menu with swings in and out. When your mouse goes over the gray Menu Bar to the left, the Flash Menu swings into view. You can then click on the Flash menu buttons. When you move your mouse away from the buttons in the Menu swings away.

Note: Depending on your Browser settings you may need to click on the Movie to activate it:

Example: Download the Flash file  Int 104c


Example of a Flash Menu that swings into view.

Update Notes: This Menu tutorial has proved to be one of the most popular tutorials on this site and so I have now fully updated it. This updated tutorial is now compatible with Flash 8 (also Flash MX04). In particular the ActionScript code has been changed so that you can use this Menu in the newer versions of Flash and it is now compatible with both ActionScript 1 and ActionScript 2. The build of the Flash Movie has been simplified and it is now easier to make and a more lean and streamlined Flash file.

Flash Version: This tutorial will work in Flash 8, Flash MX04 and Flash MX. This tutorial has been written specifically with Flash 8 in mind. However users of other versions of Flash should also be able to follow this tutorial without difficulty.

Flash MX Users: You can either follow this tutorial or follow the the original MX tutorial. As the original tutorial was written specifically for MX it maybe easier for you to follow but alas the original tutorial is slightly more complex to build. However the code in the original tutorial has been updated so that you will find that it is forward compatible making it easier to upgrade to the newer versions of Flash: Flash MX Tutorial

Direction X or Y:
It is easy to change the code so that every thing moves from the top. All you need to do is swap the X values for Y values:

Example: Download the Flash file  Int 104d


Menu come in from the top on the Y axis's.


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