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There are a number of ways of creating Pop Up windows, but this is by far the best that I have come across. The code here gives you complete control of your Pop Up window including the position on the screen. What's more you don't have to fluff around with adding JavaScript to the HTML of the web page. All the code is embedded in the button in the Flash file.

Note: Windows XP Service Pack 2 has a Pop Up blocker. This tutorial has been updated with this in mind. You should be aware that the ActionScript on (rollOver) will no longer work if a PC has the newer version of Windows. You must use: on (release)

Cross Ref: There is now another tutorial on this site which is about communication between Flash Movies. This technique is also a very good way of creating Pop Up windows and subsequently controlling them from the original base Movie: Communication between Flash Movies


Example: Download the Flash file Int 112a


Click the buttons to see the Pop Ups.


Note: As you click the mouse on the buttons, the 'Active' Window comes to the front.


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