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The aim of the tutorial is to learn how to create a group of sliders which are used to set the colour of an object. Sliders are extremely versatile and can be used to control a range of different settings such as: volume, size, transparency or in this case colour. In fact a slider can be used as a controller for anything which has a range of values.

Cross Ref: If you want to know how to build a volume control slider see tutorial: Volume Control

Below is an example of the same slider being used to set a variety of settings:


Example: Download the Flash file Int 113a


Draw on the right hand side and use the sliders to set brush width, opacity and colour.

Cross Ref: If you want to know how to use Flash to draw online see tutorial: Create a Whiteboard or Blackboard


Colour, Hexadecimal Numbers & Bitwise Operators

Using sliders to set colour in ActionScript is reasonably easy thanks to Bitwise Operators but colour is not set with standard decimal numbers. Web languages such as HTML and ActionScript use a Hexadecimal colour system. This tutorial will look at how to calculate these numbers using Bitwise operators. Thankfully this is reasonably easy to do in ActionScript.


Example: Download the Flash file Int 113b


An example of sliders that changes an objects colour.


Creating the Slider


The slider is simply a type of control button. Once you have made a slider you can reuse it as many times as you want to control different types of settings. So although we will use it here to change an objects colour you can reuse your slider in other Movies. The slider is created through placing a series of symbols one inside another (nesting). The first of these is the button that you moves from left to right.


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