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A scrolling menu is an extremely useful thing to be able to do and though it is not difficult, how to do it is far from obvious. This technique can be used to scroll any object such as a long movie clip or picture. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a horizontally scrolling menu like the one below:


Example: Download the Flash file Int 114a


Example of a horizontal scrolling menu

Cross Ref: The technique used here is the same as that which enables a movie to play backwards see intermediate tutorial: Playing a Flash Movie Backwards

Creating a vertically scrolling menu is no different:

Example: Download the Flash file Int 114b

Example of a long vertical menu.

You could even scroll an object diagonally or wiggle it back and forth or around and around. It is getting the buttons to play the movie in either a forward or backwards motion that is the trick. The movement is created with a standard tween.

Cross Ref: To learn more about tweening see beginners tutorial: Tweening


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