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Free Flash Volume Slider Tutorial



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The aim of the tutorial is to learn how to use ActionScript to play a sound file, stop a sound file and create a slider that is used to control the volume.


You can follow the same steps for both a horizontal or vertical volume slider. There is only one difference: The document size. Other than that everything is exactly the same. Once finished you simply rotate the vertical slider to convert it to a horizontal slider. None of the ActionScript or other details need to be changed.


Example: Download the Flash & MP3 files   Int 115a & Int 115b

Click the play triangle to start.


Once created the slider can be rotated and made into a horizontal volume control.


Example: Download the Flash & MP3 files   Int 115c & Int 115d


Example of Flash Movie with Play, Stop and Volume controls.

Credits: The MP3 files used in these Flash Movie have been submitted by Buffalo Audio: A site offering professional voice-over narration and custom music/sound effects


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