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to FS Commands

The aim of the tutorial is to learn how to get Flash to send the Browser JavaScript commands. You will learn how Flash can be used to run JavaScript code on a HTML web page. This is called an FS Command.

Example: Download the Flash file Int 118a

Start Up Message

Example of Flash buttons that run JavaScript commands on the web page.

Note: Some of the above JavaScript commands can be done directly from Flash: Pop Ups, Random page and Print.

In my opinion it is better, when possible, to use Flash directly. The reason for this is because Internet Explorer and Netscape interprets JavaScript differently, therefore you get Browser inconsistency. You will also find that different versions of the Browsers will vary, this makes testing difficult. In general in Flash if something works it will work irrespective of what Browser you are using.

You will find that all of the above JavaScript has been designed to work in Internet Explorer.


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