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Tutorial: Flash Sound on HTML Web Pages using JavaScript


Free Flash Sound Tutorial



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The aim of the tutorial is to learn how to add sound to any web page that 99% of all users will be able to hear. With this technique there is no Flash interface on your web page - only sound. It works through standard HTML links or plays automatically when the web page loads. It is compatible with all major browsers and allows you to play different sounds for different HTML links. It also allows you to play many different music file formats like wav, mp3 etc. This works by placing an invisible Flash Movie on your web page that users can't see!

Cross Ref: If you want to add sound to your Flash Movie (and not your HTML web page) see the tutorial on: Using Sound in Flash

Important Note: Many sites use this method for playing sound on their site because of it's ease of use, compatibility for all browser, music types, user friendliness, and ability to play different sounds on different links. It is also possible to preload the Flash file so that it loads invisibly when the web page loads. Having said that if you have a large sound file or multiple sound files in one Flash Movie, then because of the file size it may take some time for the sound to start playing when the user rolls over a link. This may require the user to rollover the link several times before the sound file starts playing. Try to keep the swf file (Flash Movie) size down to a minimum and refrain from using large music files. Instead use multiple swf files for each link instead of one swf file for all the links. Don't use the loop feature unless you need it. This is not a major problem and most user don't experience difficulties but some users on slow Internet connections may not hear the sound, or even realise that there is any sound to be heard!

Example: Download the invisible Flash file Int 119a

Rollover Here To Play A Sound

Rollover Here To Start Playing A Looping Sound

The above are two examples of how to make an Invisible Sound Flash Player.


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