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Flash Tutorial - Communication between Flash Movies: Part 1


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This tutorial shows you how to send information or instructions from one Flash Move to another on the same web page. There is theoretically no limit to what information can be sent between each Flash Movie. You can control and communicate between any two Flash Movies on the same page or on different pages. It is also be possible to communicate between more than two Flash Movies.

Note: There is a second part to this tutorial which deals with how to send information from Flash Movies that are on different web pages or Pop Up Windows: Part 2

Example: Download the Flash file Int 121a

Movie 1
This Movie controls Movie 2 ->>
Movie 2
This Movie is Controlled by Movie 1 <<-

The above movies are what I will show you how to create in this part of the tutorial. The blue Movie on the right has 50 frames and simply plays automatically. It is the pink Movie that controls the blue Movie.

Example: Download the Flash file Int 121b

Movie 3
This Movie controls Movie 4 ->>
Movie 4
This Movie controls Movie 3 <<-

Example: Download the Flash file Int 22a

Example of opening and closing Pop Up Windows.

Note: This last example is explained in the next tutorial. Opening and closing Pop Up Windows involves JavaScript so it has been separated from this tutorial. This tutorial only uses ActionScript.


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