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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Flash Movie that allows people to access it only if they have both a User Name and a Password. This password control system can allow access to the Flash Movie (or part of a Flash Movie) or access to separate web page.


The User Input Boxes described in this tutorial know if the Text Fields are empty or full of blank spaces. This type of Input Box can be used in many different situations or types of forms. Using this method, the Movie will detect if the Input Boxes are empty or just full of spaces, and stop the Flash Movie from allowing the user to move on.

Important Note: Never use Flash Password protection for highly sensitive material. It is ok for low security material only. Flash files can be hacked into (for people who are into that sort of thing). Bear in mind that the vast majority of people on the net will have no idea of how to hack into a Flash file (or interest), and so information stored behind the password is quite safe from most peoples eyes.


Don't write in and ask me how to hack into a Flash file as I will not tell you, and if I see any such postings on the forum I will delete them.

Example: Download the Flash file Int 125a

Note: Both the User Name is: web and the Password is: wasp (case sensitive)

Cross Ref: There is a simpler tutorial on how to create a password box that only requires the user to type a password, but does not require a user name: Password Protect

This code used in the Movie above is very clever and knows if the user name or password is empty or only full of blank spaces. Normally methods like _root.MyInputBox.length == 0; _root.MyInputBox.length == ""; _root.MyInputBox eq ""; don’t work. Also the following does NOT work:

on (press) { //do not use this code - it does not work !!
    if (_root.MyInputBox.length == 0 | _root.MyInputBox.length == "" | _root.MyInputBox eq "") {
    } else {

You will learn how to set the ActionScript get over this problem of blank or empty spaces...


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