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This tutorial is based on the previous tutorial: User Name and Password  It is written with the assumption that you have read the previous tutorial. The Advanced Features discussed here are based on the Flash Movie created in the previous tutorial. These features are:

Example: Download the Flash file Int 126a

User name and password box.

Cross Ref: There is a simpler tutorial on how to create a password box which requires the user to type in a password only, but does not require a user name: Password Protect

Advanced Optional Features: User Name and Password Pairs

Unlike in the previous tutorial, mixing the possible passwords and usernames won't work in this case. You can only gain access using the right username with its corresponding password. For more details, read the comments in updating the code in Step 2

Advanced Optional Features:
Tab Key

Another advantage of this Movie is that it works like the form on a web page. It utilizes the Tab key function allowing the user to press the Tab key and move between the input boxes.

Advanced Optional Features:
Maximum Characters

In this Movie the number of characters a user can input is restricted.


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