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Flash Tutorial - Loading External Images using Components


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This tutorial shows you how to load external images into Flash using an Array (list) and Flash MX 2004 Components. This means that the pictures are not loaded preloaded into Flash. Therefore the Flash Movie does not have to load all the pictures before you can start to view the first picture. If you preload all the images into FLash there can be a long wait before the user can view the first picture.

Important Cross Ref: This tutorial uses Flash 8 / MX 2004 Components. The ActionScript for Components in earlier version of Flash is different. If you do not have Flash 8 or MX 2004 please use the previous tutorial on: Loading External Images

Using Components


There is a Library of Components that come with Flash and these components have predefined tasks. This makes the build/development of your Flash Movie quicker and easier. As you can see form the illustrations below they include things like Buttons, Check Boxes, Scroll bars etc. In this tutorial we are going to use the Buttons and Progress Bar.


The disadvantage of using Components is that they tend to increase the size of the Flash Movie. If you are using a lot of Components in your Movie this may not matter as it is using the first few components that makes all the difference. After that additional Components don't tend to make a great deal of difference to the file size.


The Movie you are about to make will end up at least 100KB.! If you follow the previous tutorial and build the Progress Bar and Buttons yourself (on use Buttons from the Button Library) you will find your Flash Movie is little more than 5KB! That is a big difference.


As you can see from the Illustrations below one of the advantages of using Flash MX 2004 Pro is that it comes packed with many more Components. If the use of Components is an important part of your Flash work you may consider upgrading to Flash Pro.


Flash MX 04 Components.

Flash MX 04 Pro Components.


Below is the example of the Flash Movie that you will create in this tutorial.


Example: Download the Flash file  Int 130a


The images are loaded into the Flash Movie one at a time.


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