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Free Flash Tutorial - Atomic Animation


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Learn sophisticated animation techniques including how to duplicate Movie Clips such that you can create realistic animated trails that diminish in size and fade away as the electron revolves about an atom's nucleus.


Background: I saw the animation shown below a loooong time ago and was instantly smitten with it, despite having no idea how it was made. Now, 18 months after learning Flash, I happened upon it again and decided to see if I could make my own version. My apologies to whomever I got this from originally; I can't seem to find the animation again on the sites that the links lead-to. Anyway, I happened to zoom in very closely to the "electrons" of the original version of the atom, and saw that there were smaller duplicates of the "electron" coming out of the original "electron". Eureka! I had the answer: They were duplicating movie clips!


Their version:




My version:

Example: Download the Flash file  Int 133a



Keep in mind you will have to use your judgment and creative prowess to set the sizes of your clips. Keep looking at the animations to check yourself.


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