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Tutorial - Intro to PHP & Flash


Free Flash PHP Tutorial



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This tutorial gives you some basic information about PHP and how to setup PHP to work with Flash.

Flash can read information stored on-line but cannot write information to a remote server. To write data to a remote server (a place where web pages are stored) you need a server side scripting language. PHP is such a scripting language. PHP not only enables you to create Dynamic Content but enables it to be saved automatically so that next time that web page is viewed it not the same as the previous viewing but now contains the new information.

Dynamic content simply means something which changes. A hit counter is a simple form of Dynamic Content. Every time the page is loaded the number goes up by one and this new updated number is then saved. A Forum or Bulletin Board would be an advanced example of how PHP could be used to create web content. Every time you return to the Forum or refresh a Forum page the PHP will display the new messages.

The Forum on this site is built with PHP and the messages are saved via a PHP to a database. Every time you visit the Forum the PHP reads the database to see what to display on the web page. These pages are dynamically created every time you visit the forum.

PHP is free to use and the goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly. Hence it has become extremely popular and one of the most used languages on the web. It is an extremely versatile and powerful language.

PHP can be used in conjunction with Flash or it can be used to display data directly on a web page. So PHP is not specifically a Flash technology, it is just that you are able to access PHP via Flash.

Some alternatives to PHP are Microsoft's ASP/VBScript/JScript system, Macromedia's ColdFusion system, Sun Microsystems' JSP/Java system, and the CGI/Perl system.


Example: Download the Flash file Int 39a

Example of Flash - PHP hit counter as explained in the next tutorial: Flash PHP Hit Counter

Note: To test the hit counter above press the Refresh Button at the top of your Browser:  (Usually F5).

The count number should go up by one.


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