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Tutorial - Hit Counter using PHP & Flash


Free Flash PHP Tutorial

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Step Three: Creating a Text File to Store the Count Number

You will need a very simple file which stores the current count number.

  1. You will need to open a Plain Text Editor:

    PC: Go to: Windows Start Button > Programs > Accessories > Note Pad

    Mac: Open: Applications> Simple Text

  2. Type the number following: myCount=0
  3. Note: The start number is zero so that the first time the page is viewed it will go up to 1 and the Flash counter will display 1 not zero. Of course you could start your page count on any number you wish. Remember - Don't believe everything you read. Just because a web site boosts that there have been a trillion visitors since yesterday - well it's only as trust worthy as the site itself. Of course I never doctor any of the webwasp page counts (I'm telling the truth !!).

  4. Save your file to the same location as your Flash Movie that you Published earlier and use the file name: PHPCounter

    Note: Because you are in a Text Editor it will automatically add the standard file extension. So your file will actually be called: PHPCounter.txt


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