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Tutorial - Hit Counter using PHP & Flash


Free Flash PHP Tutorial

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Step Five: Up Loading the Files

You should now have the following 5 files:

    Cross Ref: The files above all have the same name except for the file extension (the letters after the dot). If you cannot see the file extensions on your computer you may wish to look at the previous tutorial which covers file extensions: Into to Flash & PHP

  1. You now need to upload all the files except for the Fla file:

    Note: All the files need to be in the same folder on your web server.

  1. When you have uploaded all the files you have to change the CHMOD setting for the text file: .

    This is so that the PHP script has the correct permission to save to the text file. Change the setting to: 666

    CHMOD set to 666 for the Text file: PHPCounter.txt
  2. Cross Ref: If you don't know what CHMOD settings are or how to change them see the tutorial: Intro to Flash and PHP

  3. You are now ready to test your Flash counter. Go to Internet Explorer (or other Browser) and type in the full web address for the file:

    Note: Unless you have a PHP Server on your own computer (which is unlikely) you will not be able to test this file from the web page saved on your local hard drive. Testing the file in Flash will not work either. You have to save all the files to a PHP enabled Server and then test them. This is why you upload and then test the web page directly from the web server (which has to be PHP Enabled).

    Cross Ref: If you do not know what a PHP Enabled Server is see the tutorial on: Intro to Flash and PHP

That is all there is to it. Your Flash Counter should now be happily counting away.

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