Flash Tutorial: Scrolling Dynamically Loaded Text

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Flash Tutorial - Scrolling Dynamically Loaded Text

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With this tutorial you will learn how to scroll dynamically loaded text using the loadVars class from an external Text File. Once you understand the concepts in this tutorial, they can be applied outside text and text boxes to graphics, swf files, and other objects.

In this Flash tutorial I will show you how to load external data from Text file (both plain and HTML) but the principles are the same as other forms of external data (for example PHP, ASP, and XML files)

Cross-Ref: If you are unfamiliar with creating buttons or basic use of functions you might want to look at these tutorials first: Buttons Functions Intro

Note: Scrolling can also be easily done in MX2004 Pro with the use of the UIScrollBar Component (regular MX2004 does not come equipped with this component). But always make note; just the placement of any one component on your stage automatically adds at least 40KB to your flash movie. If you are really trying to trim down your movie, then this would be a better method for you, as this swf file in its entirety takes only 4KB.

Download the Flash File Int 146a

Example of 3 dynamically loaded pages and their scrollbars


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