Preload External Flash Movies with Movie Clips

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Tutorial - Preload External Flash Movies with Movie Clips

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This tutorial shows you an easy way to load one Flash Movie into another. This loads the external Flash SWF Movie into a Movie Clip with the help of the Progress Bar Component. Loading a Movie into an MC means that you can address the Movie Clip in the ActionScript and change the Movie Clips properties. This MC includes the external swf file so any change that you impose on the Movie Clip also changes the external Movie nested within.

Cross Ref: There are many other Flash Pre-Loader tutorials including several which cover loading external Flash Movies and loading multiple external Flash Movies. To ensure that you are following the right tutorial for your needs, you may wish to read a brief description of each: Preloader Tutorial Listings

Example: Download the Flash file  Int 152a

Note: If you can see the Flash Movie (an animation) and not the preloader press Refresh (F5 or try Ctrl + F5) in your Browser. Once a Flash Movie has loaded the Browser may not truly refresh or re-load the Movie. Therefore if you did not see the preloader in action: Click here


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