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Flash Tutorial - Delays, Timers & Stop Watches


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Delays, Timers & Stop Watches: In this tutorial you will learn how to delay an action for a set amount of time using ActionScript and to get something to repeat. This is extremely useful in two ways. In enables you to set delays so that a particular action or event will only happen after a certain amount of time has lapsed. This ActionScript lets you set up events that will repeat a set intervals. The ActionScript used to achieve this is very simple. This code has lots of uses and in the examples below I show you how build a Digital Timer and an Analog Stop Watch.



Example of using setInterval to create a Analog Stop Watch. More about this later.


This Flash tutorial is split up in to six sections: Repeat Action, Delayed Action, Creating a Timer, Timer with a Reset Button, Creating a Digital Timer, Repeat Actions and Creating an Analog Stop Watch.


Repeat Action

Delayed Action

Creating a Timer

Timer with a Reset Button

Creating a Digital Timer

Creating an Analog Stop Watch


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