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Free Flash Tutorials: Beginners

Flash tutorials: Beginners - Free tutorials

The tutorials in the Beginners section are all click by click guides. You are helped every step of the way. These tutorials are chronological and are intended to build your skills one by one. If you do not wish to do them in order look at the top of each tutorial for the skills needed in order to complete the tutorial. There are links back to previous tutorials so that if you need to you can brush up your skills.

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  Flash Tutorials: Beginners
Check out the tutorials and learn new Adobe Flash techniques:


001  Animation: Shape Tween  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 74528 hits - Rating: 0.28 - 2500 words
A simple animation technique that morphs one shape into another. This tutorial has now been fully updated to include sections on: Shape Tweening Options, Painted Shapes, Multiple Shapes, Hollow verse Solid Shapes and Shape hints.
For Flash 8: Full Version or Click by Click   For Flash MX 2004: Click here   For Flash MX: Click here
Demo Movie   Movie Length  4:00 minutes

002  Animation: Motion Tweening  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 57031 hits - Rating: 0.33 -  3000 words
A tutorial for beginners, showing you how to animate using Motion Tweens. This tutorial covers a full array of additional options including changing the Animation Speed, On and Off Stage Animation, Transforming a Symbols Properties, Easing & Rotation.
For Flash 8: Click here or Click by Click  For MX 2004: Click here   For MX: Click here
Demo Movie   Movie Length  3:47 minutes

003  Animation: Tweening with Motion Guides  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 32200 hits - Rating: 0.87 -  1500 words
How to create a Motion Tween that follows a guide to set the direction of the animation. This enables you to animate objects in curved or spiraled directions. Free Tutorial
For Flash 8: click here or click by click   For Flash MX 2004: click here   For Flash MX: click here

Demo Movie   Movie Length  6:08 minutes

004  Creating Links within a Flash Movie  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 93740 hits - Rating: 0.28 -  2600 words
A tutorial designed for beginners, showing you how to link one part of a Flash Movie to the next.
For Flash 8: Full Version or Click by Click   For Flash MX 2004: Click here   For Flash MX: Click here
Flash 8 Demo Movie  - 26296 hits - With Commentary  Movie Length  6:03 minutes
MX04 Demo Movie   - 93740 hits - Movie Length  1:15 minutes

005  Buttons  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 45644 hits - Rating: 0.65 -  2100 words
A tutorial for beginners, showing you how to make a simple button in Flash.
For Flash 8: Full Version or Click by Click   For Flash MX 2004: Click here   For Flash MX: Click here
MX04 Demo Movie   Movie Length  5:06 minutes

006  Masks – Animated  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 48562 hits - Rating: 0.43 - hits -  1200 words
Learn how to create an animated mask, which reveals something hidden below.
For Flash 8: Full Version or Click by Click   For Flash MX 2004: Click here   For Flash MX: Click here

007  Masks - Attached to Mouse  Flash MX 2004 - 108714 hits - Rating: 0.19 - Flash MX - 33781 hits -  1100 words
A mask that follows the mouse around reveling graphics and text hidden below. An impressive effect which is easy to create. For Flash MX 2004: click here   For Flash MX: click here

008  Tween within Tweens  Flash MX 2004 - 129984 hits - Rating: 0.26 -  1200 words
A tutorial for beginners, showing you how to place one animation inside another animation. This is a basic technique in Flash which is of fundamental importance. For Flash MX 2004: click here   For Flash MX: click here

009  Target Paths  Flash MX - 102858 - Rating: 0.50 -  2100 words
A tutorial showing you how one instance of a symbol communicates with another, specifically when the symbol is placed inside another symbol. This tutorial is designed to give you some practical experience of how this is done.

010  Customized cursor  Flash MX - 78760 hits - Rating: 0.28 - 600 words
Change the standard arrow cursor to one of your own. It’s easier than you think.

011  Change a Symbols Colour  Flash MX - 84301 hits - Rating: 0.43 - 700 words
How to change the colour of an object by clicking on a button.

012  Drop down Menu  Flash MX 2004 - 259822 hits - Rating: 0.33 - Flash MX - 56718 hits -  1700 words
Learn how to create a drop down menu that will allow you to create a navigation system. This can be used to move from one part of a Flash movie to another, or to different web pages. Note: there are other menus in the intermediate tutorials below.
For Flash MX 2004: click here   For Flash MX: click here

013  Images  Any Flash Version - 64011 - Rating: 0.49 - 1400 words
How to scan or find pictures to use in Flash or your web page. Including the different file formats and how to compress pictures.

014  Web Safe Colours + Chart  Any Flash Version - 56970 hits - Rating: 0.46 - 800 words
Explanation of web safe colours, RGB (Red Green Blue) and hexadecimal colour systems. Both systems may be used in Flash, but only Hexadecimal may be used in ActionScript or HTML. Includes a web safe colour chart with both RGB and Hexadecimal colour codes.

015  Hyperlinks  Flash 8/MX04 - 65286 hits - Rating: 0.55 2200 words
How to create links between different web pages from Flash. Includes an explanation of the different type of links, Window Browser settings and which you should use. For the original: Flash MX Tutorial - 73731 hits - Rating: 0.32 - 1200 words

016  Input Boxes  Flash MX - 100738 hits - Rating: 0.57 - 1600 words
How to create an input box and get buttons to change a movie clip based on what the user has typed into the input box. There is also a reset button which changes the movie clip to the original default.

017  Frame Number  Flash MX - 59721 hits - Rating: 0.54 - 550 words
How to display the frame number from the time line.

018  Create a Whiteboard or Blackboard  Flash 8/MX04- 44102 hits - Rating: 0.51 -- 1000 words
Create a Whiteboard or Blackboard that the user can draw with whist online. At the end of this tutorial you will see an example of a simple Paint program created with this same script! For Flash 8: Full Version or Click by Click   For the original: Flash MX Tutorial - 46350 hits - Rating: 0.34 - 75 0 words

019  Publishing a Flash Movie  Flash MX - 60235 hits - Rating: 0.59 -  2000 words
Learn how to get your Flash movie from Flash onto a web page or into other formats.

020  Optimising a Flash Movie  Flash MX - 71270 hits - Rating: 0.13 -  4400 words
Want to create fast loading Flash movies. Essential skills for all Flash developers.

021  Sound  Flash MX - 144195 hits - Rating: 0.22 -  2100 words
All the steps you need to know to add sound to your Flash Movies.

022  Password Protect  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 104842 hits - Rating: 0.23 -  1000
A simple method which enables you to password protect either a section of the Flash movie or a section of your web site.
For Flash MX 2004: click here   For Flash MX: click here

023  Bugs And Fixes  Flash MX 2004 - 22959 hits - Rating: 0.71 -  100 words
How to get the latest info on bugs and what updates are available from Macromedia.

024  Auto Run CDs  Any Flash Version - 122199 hits - Rating: 0.42 - 500 words
Making a Flash Movie that will Auto Run when you create a CD is remarkably easy.

025  Easter Eggs  Flash CS3//MX04/MX - 66921 hits - Rating: 0.19 -  300 words
Want to know about some fun games hidden inside the Flash Program!

026  Animated Blurred Text  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 17114 hits - Rating: 1.24 800 words
Learn how to make a your text rush in and out all in a blur.

027  Transparent Flash Movies  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 101216 hits - Rating: 0.49 600 words
Ever wanted to know how to make your Flash Movie have a transparent background? It's easy. Also how to change the background colour of a Flash Movie via the HTML.

028  Animating with Timeline Effects  Flash MX 2004 - 55809 hits - Rating: 1.96 1200 words
Timeline effects are a new feature of Flash MX 2004. They are designed to enable you to animate quickly without all the hassle of Keyframes and Tweening. It is easy and fast to create animation with Timeline Effects. This makes animation possible for the beginner and it makes animating much, much easier and faster for the pros.

029  Digital Clock  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 78580 hits - Rating: 2.32 900 words
Want to know how to make a digital clock. This tutorial shows you how easy it is to create a digital clock in Flash MX 2004/MX.

030  Date & Day Display  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 61205 hits - Rating: 8.14 900 words
Learn how to display the date and day in your Flash movies.

031  Analogue Clock  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 91666 hits - Rating: 7.14 1800 words
Learn how to create an clock that has a face and hands.

032  When to use Components?  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 70983 - Rating: 1.05 800 words
A brief description of what Components are and when you should use them.

033  Email Buttons  Flash 8 - Flash MX 2004 MX/5 - 145230 - 3000 words
A very easy way of creating an email link on your web page that is safe from the eyes of email spammers.

034  Actions Panel  Flash 8 - Flash MX 2004 MX/5 - 18647 - 400 words
A simple explanation of the important differences that exist between the Action Panels across the various versions of Flash. Specifically Script Assist (F8), Expert & Normal Mode (MX) and the absence of such tools in MX2004.

035  Photo Shape Tween  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 33375 hits - Rating: 1.05 -  500 words
Learn how to create a Shape Tween with a Photo-Painted Shape. This is a very simple and slightly different Flash animation technique: Full Version or Click by Click

036  Importing Clip Art, Bitmap & Vector Image  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 35135 hits - Rating: 1.85 - 2700 words
Learn different ways of importing images and how this dramatically effects what you can do with the image. See how to import Clip Art in different formats and see how this effects a Shape Tween. Learn basic techniques of editing Vector Images in Flash.

037  Filters  Flash 8 Pro - 15178 hits - Rating: 1.85 -  1100 words
Enhance the power of Flash 8 Professional's amazing Filters. Transform your text and graphics into Sophisticated images with Flash's new easy to use Filters.

038  Keyboard Shortcuts  Flash 8 - 74463 hits - Rating: 0.30 -  1500 words
Learn all the Keyboard Shortcuts available in Flash 8.

039  Random Numbers  Flash CS3/8/MX04/MX/5 - 29223 hits - Rating: 0.31 -   1500 words
Learn how to generate random numbers. The code for this is quite straight forward and has many uses. In this tutorial you will learn how to convert the random number into a way of saying hello in a random language.
Full Tutorial or Click by Click

040  Animated Filter Fuzz Effect  Flash CS3/8/ - 25105 hits - Rating: 0.90 -   800 words
Learn how to create sophisticated visual effects by animating Flash filters without any ActionScript.
Full Tutorial or Click by Click

041  Using Flash to Load a Random Image  Flash CS3/8/MX04/MX/5 - 48790 hits - Rating: 0.60 -   1100 words
Learn how to use Flash to load a random image into your HTML web page.
Full Tutorial or Click by Click

042  Loading a Random Flash Movie  Flash CS3/8/MX04/MX/5 - 28848 hits - Rating: 0.81 - 1000 words
Learn how to load a random Flash Movie onto your HTML web page.
Full Tutorial or Click by Click


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