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Flash - MX 2004 - Button Components

601 Components
Flash Compatibility: MX 2004

Written by: Phil

Length: 1000 words

Assumed Knowledge: Basic knowledge of Flash


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This tutorial will explain to you how to use component buttons in Flash MX 2004. The button component is easy to use but Macromedia have made some changes since the Flash MX version. It now sports a 'new look' and you can now use version 2 events. This means that you are no longer able to use the .setClickHandler() function. We now use a 'Listener Object' and use the .addEventListener method. This new Listener method is very straight forward to implement, as you will see.




Example: Download the Flash file Com 601a



Example of a Component Button.


Example: Download the Flash file Com 601b

Component Button with an Icon

Step one: Setting up the Button

  1. Create a new Flash MX 2004 file: File > New
  2. Rename Layer 1 to: button
  3. Drag an instance of the Button component onto stage: Window > Development Panels > Components
  4. If the Property Inspector is closed, open it: Window > Properties


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