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Flash - MX 2004 - Active Radio Button Components

604 Components
Flash Compatibility: MX 2004

Written by: Phil

Length: 1150 words

Assumed Knowledge: Basic knowledge of Flash


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Radio buttons are essential part of interactivity and/or gaining feed back from users. They are the same as check boxes except for one crucial difference. In any group of radio buttons the user can only select one answer. For example if you are asking a user the following:


What is your favourite food:




If you try the Radio buttons above, you can only select one option. With check boxes you can have multiple options:


Do you like to eat:




Radio buttons are always round and Check Boxes are always square. In all other respects Check Boxes and Radio buttons are the same.



Active or Passive


As you may have seen in the previous tutorials, Check boxes can be either 'Passive' or 'Active'. The same is true for Radio buttons. With active Radio buttons an action occurs as soon as you select one of the Radio buttons. With passive Radio buttons there is a submit button and no action will occur until you click the button. This tutorial looks at how to create Active Radio buttons. The next tutorial looks at Passive Radio buttons.



Example: Download the Flash file Com 604a


Example of Active Radio buttons. This is the file you will build in this tutorial.



Example: Download the Flash file Com 605a (next tutorial)


Example of Passive Radio buttons as explained in the next tutorial.



Active Radio Buttons


Step one: Setting up the Radio Buttons on Stage

  1. Open a new file in: Flash MX 2004



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