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Flash - MX 2004 - Passive Radio Button Components

605 Components
Flash Compatibility: MX 2004

Written by: Phil

Length: 1150 words

Assumed Knowledge: Basic knowledge of Flash


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Radio buttons are normally passive. That is there is a submit button at the end of the group. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a group of Radio buttons which is activated by a Submit and Reset button.

Note: If you create a form with Radio buttons you do not need a Reset button as when you click on the Submit button the information has been sent and it is too late to retrieve it. Reset buttons are only used when the radio button controls something within the Flash movie and therefore is reversible.

Example: Download the Flash file Com 605a


The file you will learn to create.


Step one: Setting up the Radio Buttons on Stage

  1. Open a new file in: Flash MX 2004


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