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Flash - MX 2004 - Alert Box Components

606 Components
Flash Compatibility: MX 2004 and MX 2004 Pro

Written by: Phil

Length: 1000 words

Assumed Knowledge: Basic knowledge of Flash


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Alert boxes or Dialog boxes are those things which pop up and tell you that you have made an illegal operation and you will go straight to jail!! They are actually quite useful, particularly on forms. If a user does not fill in their name or some such misdemeanour you can chastise them through an alert box. In fact, if you wish, you can block their progress until they have corrected their misdemeanour.


Usability Design

It always better to design a Flash movie in such a way as to make it difficult for the user to make a mistake rather than relying on Alert boxes. For example if you want someone to type their phone number make sure that the text input box only accepts numbers. Alert boxes are annoying, so use them sparingly.


MX 2004 Pro Vs MX 2004

Alert boxes only come packed with Flash MX 2004 Pro but if you do not have the Pro version keep reading as you can still use Alert Box components. With the standard version a little jiggery poker is needed but it is not difficult.



Example: Download the Flash file Com 606b


Example of a Flash Movie with an Alert box.



Alert Boxes Vs Pop Ups

You can create similar result with traditional Pop Ups. The disadvantage of Pop ups is that there is now wide spread use of anti-popup software. If an individual uses such software your Pop Up will not work.


Small Flash Movies

Alert boxes are of no use in small Flash movies and by small I don't mean the file size but the width and height. Try to click on the button below and you will only see part of the Alert box.


A Flash Movie that is too small for the Alert box.


It is worth noting that the size of the Alert box is dependant on the number and size of the buttons. So there is no smallest size Flash Movie that will accept an Alert box. You need to take into account the size of both the Flash Movie and the Alert Box.


Now it is time to get stuck in and see how to create a Flash Movie with an Alert box.



Step one: Setting up the Stage

  1. Open a new file in Flash MX 2004.

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