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Free Flash Tutorials: Intermediate

Flash Tutorials: Intermediate - Free Tutorials

The tutorials in the Drawing section are focused on people who have a basic understanding of using Flash. These tutorials are not chronological and can be done in any order that you wish. Look at the top of each tutorial for the skills needed in order to complete the tutorial. If you need look back to the beginners section so that you can brush up your skills.

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  Flash Tutorials: Intermediate
This section is full of things which are fun, useful or interesting to make. It is presumed that you know the basic steps of building a Flash movie. Things like creating movie clips, buttons, attaching actionscript to objects, creating text boxes are not explained. At the beginning of each tutorial is a list of what skills you need to know before you can do the tutorial. There are links back to previous tutorials so that you can build up your skills if necessary. The tutorials in this section are not chronological and can be done in any order. Please send me ideas, Flash movies, or tutorials for me to add and share with others.


101  Sliding Menus  Flash CS3/8/MX04/MX/5 - 81195 hits - Rating: 0.60 - 2300 words
Learn to slide Menus (or other stuff like photos) on and off screen.
Full Tutorial: CS3 / F8 / MX04 / MX / F5 or Click by Click

102  Copy Motion as ActionScript  Flash CS3 - 32110 hits - Rating: 1.04 - 1000 words
Convert Motion Tween animations into ActionScript. This means that you can create a reusable script that can be applied to any object in Flash.
Full Tutorial: CS3 or Click by Click

103  Use Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube Flash CS3/8 - 19792 hits - Rating: 1.35 - 3200 words
Take digital films from your film or stills camera, edit them in Flash have the option to add animation, sound or text, then upload to YouTube: Full Tutorial or Click by Click

104  Menu that Swings In  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 101931 hits - Rating: 0.34 - 2000 words
Create a menu that swings into view with a bounce and then swings back out of view when you have finished.  For the original: Flash MX Tutorial - 117168 hits - Rating: 0.42 - 1700 words

105  Preloader   Flash 8/MX04/MX/5 - 366256 hits - Rating: 0.06 - 2300 words
Create a preloader that displays the percentage of the movie loaded and a loader bar. For Flash 8/MX04: click here   For Flash MX/5 : click here. For listings of all the preloader tutorials: Preloader Listings

106  Playing a Flash Movie in Reverse -  Flash MX - 137482 hits - Rating: 0.26 - 2300 words
Make a Flash timeline play backwards. Learn how to send instructions from one part of a Flash movie to another and how to switch the instructions on and off. Fundamental to Flash programming.

107  Tsunami Menu  Flash MX - 268998 hits - Rating: 0.30 -350 words
Learn a very easy technique to create a stunning menu.

108  Interactive Text Boxes   Flash MX - 77848 hits - Rating: 0.35 - 800 words
How to make an interactive text box. Depending on what you type you get a different result. Used in Roll Playing Games.

109  Animated Atom  Flash MX 2004 - 89485 hits - Rating: 0.21 - 1500 words
How to create an animation which uses Masks to make objects disappear behind other objects and how to attach Movie Clips to Motion Guides.

110  Graphic Equalizer  Flash MX - 144605 hits - Rating: 0.44 - 750 words
Make a graphic equalizer that will animate along with your music.

111  Magnifying Glass  Flash MX - 140171 hits - Rating: 0.19 - 1700 words
Make a Magnifying Glass with a very simple piece of code. This ActionScript enables you to attach several objects to the mouse, some of which follow the mouse and others move in the opposite direction.

112  Pop Up Windows  Flash MX - 100991 hits - Rating: 0.46 - 1300 words
The tutorial shows you how to have complete control over your Pop Up Windows, including the position on screen. What's more all the code is within the Flash button so you don't need to mess around with any JavaScript in the HTML. Updated to take into account the Pop Up Blocker in Windows XP Service Pack 2.

113  Colour Sliders  Flash MX - 54587 hits - Rating: 0.93 -  2300 words
Learn how to create a sliding control knob which can be used to control a range of different settings such as: volume, size, transparency or in this case colour. See how Bitwise operators are used in the ActionScript to set the colour.

114  Scrolling Menus  Flash MX - 141185 hits - Rating: 0.56 -  1400 words
Learn how to scroll menus or other objects back and forth across the movie.

115  Volume Controls  Flash MX - 109017 hits - Rating: 0.48 -  1800 words
Learn how to load sound using ActionScript and create controls for volume, play and stop. The tutorial covers both vertical and horizontal volume sliders.

116  Context Menu Flash MX 2004 - 107015 hits - Rating: 0.89 -  900 words
Learn how to control the menu that appears when you right click or Ctrl click on a Mac. You can customise this menu with your own menu items. This is a new MX 2004 feature.

117  Detect the Flash Player  Flash MX 2004 - 45999 hits - Rating: 1.08 -  1700 words
If you use the new features in Flash MX 2004 you will need to detect if your audience has the latest version of the Flash Player plug-in installed on their computer, otherwise they will not be able to see your Movie as you intended.

118  FS Commands  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 48878 hits - Rating: 1.99 -  2100 words
FS Commands enables the Flash movie to send JavaScript Commands to the web page or the Browser.

119  Flash Sound on HTML Web Pages  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 88908 hits - Rating: 0.71 -  1400 words
With this technique there is no Flash interface on your web page - only sound. An invisible Flash movie is linked through standard HTML links or plays automatically when the web page loads.

120  Send Information to Flash with JavaScript  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 47409 hits - Rating: 1.06 -  800 words
Learn how to send any information to Flash with JavaScript. This info could be a variable or a text message. There are two examples in this tutorial. One sends a text message and the other a variable.

121  Communication between Flash Movies: Part 1  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 48705 hits - Rating: 0.43 -  1200 words
Learn how to send information from one Flash Movie to another. You can control and communicate between any two Flash Movies on the same web page or even on different web pages. This very simple code opens up the interaction of Flash Movies to a completely new echelon.

122  Communication between Flash Movies: Part 2  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 51291 hits - Rating: 0.79 -  1200 words
Extend the ability to send information between Flash Movies by the use of JavaScript to control the Browser Windows or Pop Ups.

123  Web Page Controls Flash Movie  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 82923 hits - Rating: 0.69 -  900 words
Learn how to control a Flash Movie using standard HTML links on a web page using JavaScript.

124  Single Frame ActionScripting  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 40680 hits - Rating: 0.93 -  900 words
Learn how to place all your code in a single frame of the Timeline as opposed to attaching code to an object. Benefits of using a code saving technique such as this include modular code, ease-of-editing code and reduction in file size.

125  User Name and Passwords  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 86709 hits - Rating: 0.47 -  2000 words
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Flash Movie only enables people to enter if they have both a user names and a passwords. This password control system can allow access to the Flash Movie or access to separate web page.

126  User Name and Passwords - Advanced Options  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 38401 hits - Rating: 1.63 -  3900 words
This has advanced options for the previous tutorial.

127  Blurring a Picture  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX- 83083 hits - Rating: 1.16 -  1800 words
Want to know how to make a transition effect between an image in focus and a blurred image. This tutorial shows you how to do it with either a Tween effect or by using ActionScript.

128  Intro to Arrays  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX- 139696 hits - Rating: 0.33 -  3100 words
An Array is an extremely useful way of listing things in Flash Movies. Being able to do this is fundamental to any programming language. In this tutorial there are four easy to follow examples.

129  Loading External Images  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 229729 hits - Rating: 0.17 -  3500 words
Learn how to create a Flash Movie which loads external images such as Jpegs or Gifs. These images would then be loaded individually into the Flash Movie as and when the user wished to look at them. This keeps the Flash Movie's file size down to a minimum.

130  Loading External Images using Flash MX 2004 Components  Flash 8/MX04 - 183713 hits - Rating: 0.22 - 2100 words
Learn how to create a Flash Movie which loads external images such as Jpegs or Gifs with Flash MX 2004 Components. Using Components is easier but does make the file size slightly bigger.

131  Photo Panorama or Panorama Menu  Flash MX 2004 - 1301589 hits - Rating: 0.11 - 2100 words
A stunning effect that creates a panoramic style view of an image that will scroll in as the mouse cursor moves. This same technique can be used to make a scrollable menu with a series of buttons.

132  Collision Detection in a Maze  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 154859 hits - Rating: 0.11 - 800 words
Make a maze game with collision detection. Collision detection is useful in many different game type scenarios and is easier than you might think.

133  Animated Atom  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 101309 hits - Rating: 0.26 - 3500 words
Learn sophisticated animation techniques including how to duplicate movie clips such that you can create realistic animated trails that diminish in size and fade away as the electron revolves about an atom's nucleus.

134  Animated Clock  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 53916 hits - Rating: 0.64 -  1200 words
This Flash tutorial shows an easy way to create an animated clock that follows the mouse as your cursor moves. Stunning effect and easy to do.

135  Automatic Focus in a Flash Form  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX - 45437 hits - Rating: 0.94 -  1750 words
Learn how to set the focus on a Flash Movie so that the cursor is in the first Input Box. Also learn how to set the Tab Key to scroll around the form in the order that you want.

136  Mouse Trail Animation  Flash 8/MX04/MX/5 - 38981 hits - Rating: 0.55 -  2000 words
Learn how to create a great mouse trail effect. There is no complicated ActionScript needed and is very easy mouse trail to build. Full Version or Click by Click

137  Browser Back Buttons used with Flash  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 24461 hits - Rating: 1.69 -  1200 words
Learn how to integrate the Browser's Back and Forward buttons to navigate through your Flash Movie. Full Version or Click by Click

138  Intro to PHP & Flash  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 66143 hits - Rating: 0.68 -  1800 words
Want to use the power of PHP (or you want to know just what PHP does) read on.

139  Hit Counter using PHP & Flash  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 87317 hits - Rating: 0.66 - 1700 words
A Hit Counter in Flash which uses PHP to do the Back End scripting.

140  Streaming Music in Flash  Flash MX 2004 - 20611 hits - Rating: 2.77 - Not complete yet.

141  Advanced Buttons  Flash MX 2004 - 15264 hits - Rating: 1.09 - Not complete yet.

142  Scrolling Text  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 155887 hits - Rating: 0.23 -  1900 words
Learn how a simple way of scrolling text up and down in Flash using simple ActionScript and Movie Clips.

143  The Matrix Reloaded Animation  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 51003 hits-Rating: 0.78 -  4200 words
Learn how to create the special effects from The Matrix film using Motion Tweens and ActionScript. There are two variations in this animation. Both take their inspiration from the films The Matrix & The Matrix Reloaded.

144  Advanced Communication  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 10587 hits - Rating: 2.56 -  2728 words
Everything you need to know about Flash communication .

145  External SWF Preloading  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX/5 - 13997 hits - Rating: 2.38 -  Being re-structured.
This tutorial is being re-edited into several smaller files. See 150 to 155 below.

146  Scrolling Dynamically Loaded Text  Flash MX 2004 - 66069 hits - Rating: 0.64  - 3500 words
Learn how to scroll dynamically loaded text using the loadVars class from an external Text Files.

147  Preloader using Progress Bar Component  Flash 8/MX04 - 281283 hits - Rating: 0.18   - 800 words
This is a the very easiest of preloader to build and this tutorial will show you how to use Flash 8 or MX04 to make your own preloader using the progressBar components. For full listings of all the preloader tutorials: Preloader Listings

148  Preload External Jpegs or SWF's  Flash 8/MX04 - 295665 hits - Rating: 0.75   - 1000 words
If you wish to preload Jpeg images or Flash Movies which are stored outside the Flash Movie use this preloader tutorial.
For full listings of all the preloader tutorials: Preloader Listings

149  Preload External Jpeg with Scroll Bars  Flash 8/MX04 - 58166 hits - Rating: 1.44 - 1000 words
This tutorial shows you how to load an external image in to the Flash Movie and use Scroll Bars to move the image. This give you the opportunity to load over-sized or panoramic images.
For full listings of all the preloader tutorials: Preloader Listings

150  Preloading External Flash Movies  Flash 8/MX04/MX - 76539 hits - Rating: 0.66   - 2900 words
In this tutorial you learn how to build a preloader that preloads one Flash Movie into another.
For full listings of all the preloader tutorials: Preloader Listings

151  Preloading External Flash Movies using Components  Flash 8/MX04 - 58941 hits - Rating: 0.64 - 1500 words
Learn how easy it is to load one external Flash file into another Flash Movie using the Loader and Progress Bar Components.
For full listings of all the preloader tutorials: Preloader Listings

152  Preloading External Flash Movies using Movie Clips  Flash 8/MX04 - 53563 hits - Rating: 1.20  - 1200 words
An easy way to load one Flash Movie into another. This loads an external Flash Movie into a Movie Clip with the help of the Progress Bar Component.
For full listings of all the preloader tutorials: Preloader Listings

153  Preloading Multiple External Flash Movies  Flash 8/MX 2004? - 356 hits - Rating: 2.09 - Not complete yet.

154  Communicating between External Flash Movies  Flash 8/MX 2004? - 623 hits - Rating: 1.47 - Not complete yet.

155  loadMovieNum and loadMovie   Flash MX - 161335 hits - Rating: 0.28 - 1500 words
Learn how to use Levels to load several Movies one on top of another. This can help reduce download time and break large movies into more manageable chunks. This can also be used to load external Jpegs into your Flash movie.

156  Delays, Timers & Stop Watches   Flash 8/MX04/MX - 69657 hits - Rating: 0.47   - 2500 words
Learn how to delay an action for a set amount of time using ActionScript or to get something to repeat. This is a simple piece of code which has lots of uses. In the examples I show you how to build a Timer and how to create both Digital and Analogue Stop Watches.  Alternatively go to the original MX setInterval tutorial: Flash MX Tutorial - 167068 hits - Rating: 0.23 - 2300 words

157  Excess Space Remover   Flash 8/MX04 - 7370 hits -   - 1600 words
If you need to remove excessive spaces from a string of text from a text box, variable, xml loaded file. Well this handy script will remove excessive spaces (That's tab spaces, enter or new line spaces and normal spaces/same as space bar spaces.) from a sentence.

158  Trimming Leading & Trailing Spaces from Text   Flash 8/MX04 - 11931 hits - - 2300 words
This tutorials will show you how to remove trailing or leading spaces from a string of text, be it a text box, variable, xml loaded file etc. This handy script will trim any string spaces. This includes Tab spaces, Enter or new line spaces and normal spaces form the Space Bar.

159  Word Game  Flash MX - 113016 hits - - Flash 5 - 30458 hits  850 words
A game designed to help children learn to spell. For Flash 5 tutorial: Click here

160  Coloring in Book Flash MX - 52876 hits - Rating: 1.07 - 600 words
Use the RGB settings to change a movie clips colour. This tutorial shows you how to make a children's colouring book.


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