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Free Flash Tutorials: Members

Flash Tutorials: Members - Bonus tutorials for webwasp members only  To become a member: click here

Members have exclusive access to All the Flash Sample Files and have exclusive access to dozens of Member only bonus tutorials!. Access to the tutorials on this page are password protected. Join Now and gain instant access.

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Flash Tutorials: Members - InterAction
Bonus tutorials for webwasp members.  Become a Member

The interactive tutorials cover both the Practical and Theory behind how to make interesting interactive web content. Interaction is when a change that has been determined by the user. In the simplest form interaction could be a menu on a web page. At the other extreme you have complex games that a user 'interacts' with. Interaction is one area where Flash excels. It outstrips other technologies in it's ability to deliver interactive, fast loading and visually interesting content.

Note: There are many other Tutorials which have a variety of Interactive content. For details look up Interactivity in the: Tutorial Index


301  Nested Interactive Buttons   Flash MX 2004 - Rating: 9.66 3200 words
In Flash interactivity is achieved through the use of ActionScript and the structure of how the Flash Movie is built. This tutorial concentrates on how to build a Flash movie with interactivity in mind. The mechanism that I use to show you how interactivity is built into a Flash Movie is a very simple example of an interactive button. Although it is interesting and useful to know how to build interactive buttons, the main point of the tutorial is to understand how interactivity is build into a Flash Movie.

302  Drag and Drop  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX / 5 - Rating: 8.0 3750 words
Learn how to create Flash Movies with Drag and Drop features. Drag and Drop is when you are able to move something with the mouse on screen. There are many situations that you might want the user to be able to pick up an object move it with the mouse. When you are making games, puzzles, jigsaws, knobs and sliders.

303  Sub Menus  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX / 5 - Rating: 8.6 4300 words
Sub Menus are a standard part of any designers arsenal. They can be a bit tricky, but once you get the idea you will never look back. The key to sub-menus is to nest sets of buttons inside Movie Clips so that one button can switch on (or off) the sets of Sub Menu buttons. As with so many things in Flash - nesting is at the heart of Sub Menus.

304  Flash/PHP Forms  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX / 5 - Rating: 0.69 -  2400 words
Feedback forms are an essential part of any site. They are quite straight forward in Flash except that Flash needs a little support from a scripting language. In this case I use PHP as it is the most widely used system on the web (for good reason).



Flash Tutorials: Members - Animation
Bonus tutorials for webwasp members.  Become a Member

The animation tutorials cover both the Practical and Theory behind Flash animation. There are many other animation Tutorials in the other sections and I suggest that if you have not done any animation in Flash you check out the beginners section it the free section. For a complete listing of Animation tutorials on this site look at the tutorial Index page.


401  Symbols: Movie Clip or Graphic?  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX / 5 - Rating: 9.8 3500 words
Symbols are a fundamental part of Flash. Comprehending the behaviour of Symbols is crucial to understanding how different parts of a Flash movies interact with one another. This particularly important when creating either interactivity or animation. The aim of the tutorial is to learn when to use Movie Clips as opposed to Graphic Symbols and why.

402  Animated Buttons  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX / 5 - - 2200 words
Learn how to create animated buttons in Flash. It is surprisingly easy!! Animated buttons have become a intrinsic part of web pages and not only help the user know that they are on an active link but 'zap up' the design of a page.

403  Animated Photo Effects  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX / 5 - Rating: 5.5 2000 words
Learn how to create an animated ripple effect of movement underwater and lots of variations on the theme. It is surprisingly easy to create these effect over the top of a Jpeg photo. What's more it is very flexible and easy to gain a variety of different types of effects using the same technique: See the many examples

404  Continuous Moving Background  Flash MX 2004 - Flash MX / 5 - Rating: 5.88 1800 words
This example uses a simple technique of nested tweens to create the effect. It is simple to create and is very versatile.

405  Steam, Smoke or Dry Ice  Flash Pro 8 - Rating: 9.6 1800 words
An extremely simple and effective way to create realistic steamy effects. Flash Professional 8 only !

406  Silhouette Animation  Flash 8/MX04/MX - Rating: 10.0 4300 words
With limited drawing skills you will be able to animate people and animals. A fun technique to add a spark of life to your work.



Flash Tutorials: Members - ActionScript
Bonus tutorials for webwasp members.  Become a Member

These tutorials are designed to cover the nuts and bolts of ActionScript. Ultimately if you want to get to grips with Flash you need to know the nitty gritty of ActionScript. This section is available to webwasp members only. To become a member: click here


501  Syntax  Flash MX - Rating: 8.09 4100 words
Learn the fundamental components of ActionScript syntax. This is the basic grammar of the language. This tutorial is designed to show you some of the pitfalls that occur, how to avoid them and if need be debug your ActionScript.

502  Operators: Standard  Flash MX - Rating: 7.75 2400 words
If you are going to get to grips with ActionScript a grasp of how Flash does its maths is essential. Often the maths is not complicated but it does have to be written in the right order and you will need to know how to read it.

503  Operators: Bitwise  Flash MX - Rating: 7.0 2900 words
Although seldom used Bitwise operators do their calculations by directly accessing the binary system that controls every computer. This makes your code lean and fast. For some types of actions Bitwise calculations are the only solution.

504  Variables and Data Types  Flash MX - Rating: 9.0 -  2200 words
Variables are the building blocks of ActionScript. This tutorial gives a clear explanation of what variables and data types are and how to use them in Flash. Includes Flash examples.

505  Functions Intro  Flash MX - Rating: 8.8 -  1800 words
An explanation of what functions are and why they are important in Actionscript, a description of their syntax and a tutorial on how to use functions in a Flash movie.

506  Functions Overloading  Flash MX - Rating: 7.0 -  1200 words
An explanation of what overloading is and how it can be used in flash to make a single function do multiple tasks.

507  Functions Passing Info Flash MX - Rating: 10.0 -  1500 words
Learn what happens to information that is passed to a function and what effect the function has on the thing that sent the information. Understand the difference between value and reference. For effective use of functions it is important to understand this relationship.

508  Cascading Style Sheets  Flash MX 2004 - Rating: 8.5 -  2700 words

CSS have made designing web sites much easier in standard HTML pages and now we can use all those advantages in Flash. You can have one style sheet that controls the formatting of the text throughout an entire web site. This can include the all web pages and Flash movies simultaneously!

509  Copyright Protection  Flash MX 2004Flash MX / 5 - Rating: 8.6 -  1200 words
An easy way to protect your Flash movies from theft.



Flash Tutorials: Members - Components
Bonus tutorials for webwasp members.  Become a Member

How to use Components in Flash. These tutorials are designed to cover the nuts and bolts of Components. Components are becoming more and more integrated into Flash and even though you do not have to use components, knowing how they work saves a lot of time and effort. This section is available to webwasp members only. To become a member: click here


601  Button Components  Flash MX 2004 - Rating: 7.15 -  1200 words

An easy way to create and use buttons in Flash.

602  Check Box Components: Active  Flash MX 2004 - -  650 words
A check box is a standard Flash component used on forms or to create user interactivity. An active check box is one that makes an immediate change to the Flash Movie.

603  Check Box Components: Passive  Flash MX 2004 - -  1150 words
A standard part of forms or other user interactivity. A passive check box is only activated when you click on a submit button.

604  Radio Button Components: Active  Flash MX 2004 - Rating: 10.0 -  1400 words
Radio buttons are an important part of interactivity and gaining feed back from users. An active Radio button makes an immediate changes to the Flash file as soon as it is selected.

605  Radio Button Components: Passive  Flash MX 2004 - -  1400 words
How to create Radio buttons that active an action when a submit button is click. Also how to create a Reset button.

606  Alert Box Components  Flash MX 2004 - Rating: 9.25 -  1800 words
Alert or dialog boxes are an easy way for you to communicate with the visitors to your site. They are particularly useful in forms.

607  Sample Themes  Free Members Tutorial: Flash 8/MX04- -  900 words
Flash enables you to change the look of the Flash Components to look more like the default Windows style with the Sample Themes.

608  Skinning & Styling Components  Free Members Tutorial: Flash 8/MX04- -  1600 words
Skinning or Styling enables you to change the appearance of Components so you will be able to quickly transform your Components so they fit the visual theme on any website.



Flash Tutorials: Members - Search Engines
Bonus tutorials for webwasp members.  Become a Member

Want to know How to get to the Top of Search Engine Listings !!

If you do a search on Google for Free Flash Forum Google is currently ranking webwasp: Number One in the world !!    TRY IT

The aim of this series of tutorials is to learn how to make your site pages get as high a listing as possible on Google and other Search Engines. There is a lot you can do to make your web pages come higher up in a web search. By making very minor changes to a page I have managed to improve many of the pages on this site so that are in the top 10 for specific search terms. Occasionally I have managed to be listed in the number 1 position!!

Bonus tutorials for webwasp members.  To become a member: click here


701  Naming your Site  - Rating: 5.88 -  1200 words
You need a decent name for your site that will perform well on Search Engine when you are competing with millions of other sites.

702  Letting Search Engines Know you Exist  - Rating: 7.0 1500 words
If you don't shout nobody will hear you! The first problem is not how to get listed on the first page of Search Engine but how to get listed at all. So how do you let all the Search Engines in the world know that your site exists?

703  Google Ranking  - Rating: 7.25 -  1600 words
Google places a lot of importance on a sites ranking. This tutorial will tell you what Google Ranking is and how to achieve a high rank.

704  Page Layout and Content - Rating: 8.0 -  4000 words
The layout and content of a web page is crucial in gaining a good result in a Search Engine. I cannot over emphasis this. That content is important maybe obvious as Search Engines 'read' web pages. But you may find it surprising that layout is important. I would go as far as saying that the layout is one of the most critical factors in gaining good Search Engine results!!

705  Flash & Search Engines  - Rating: 9.16 -  4800 words
Most search engines ignore Flash files. With some straight forward techniques you can address this problem so that the Search Engines will sit up and take notice of your Flash work. The home page on this site is 100% Flash and this does not pose any problems for Google or other Engines.

706  Keywords  - Rating: 10.0 -  1000 words
Keywords are one of the most important enhancements you can use. The difference between using good keywords is remarkable. With good keywords you should find your pages being listed near the top of Search Engines.

707  Test & Improve Google Results  - Rating: 8.0 -  1600 words
Learn how to climb to the top of the Google ladder.


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