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Search Engine Tutorial - Naming Your Site

701 Search Engines

Written by: Phil Schulz

Length: 1200 words

Assumed Knowledge: Familiarity with the Internet.

Level: Easy


Access: Members Bonus Tutorial.

The aim of this series of tutorials is to learn how to make your site pages get as high a listing as possible on Google and other Search Engines. There is a lot you can do to make your web pages come higher up in a web search. By making very minor changes to a page I have managed to improve many of the pages on this site so that are in the top 10 for specific search terms. Occasionally I have managed to be listed in the number 1 position!!

If you are listed in the first couple of pages in Google you have a chance of competing with other sites and you will know that a reasonable number of people will find your site. If you are coming in on the 17th page of the Googles listing - well that is oblivion.

In this series of tutorials I will focus on Google. At present Google is by far the most important Search Engine and in general what is true for Google will also be true for other Search Engines.

In this series of tutorials I will cover the following topics:

Naming your Site
Letting Search Engines know that you Exist
Google Ranking
Page Content and Layout
Flash and Search Engines


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