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Search Engine Optimization Tutorials

Search Engine Optimization brings traffic. Do you want to learn how get to the top of Google? There is no doubt that Search Engine optimisation works. With the right keywords and site enhancements you can dramatically improve your Search Engine ranking. Search Engines send motivated visitors to your site and Search Engine traffic is growing everyday.

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Search Engine Tutorials
These tutorials contain real insights into how to improve your sites Search Engine listings. They also contain some real gems which I do not believe are published anywhere else and are certainly not common knowledge.
The aim of this series of tutorials is to learn how to make your site pages get as high a listing as possible on Google and other Search Engines. There is a lot you can do to make your web pages come higher up in a web search.

  1. Naming your Site - Rating: 0.97 -  1200 words

    You need a decent name for your site that will perform well on Search Engine when you are competing with millions of other sites.

  2. Letting Search Engines Know you Exist - -  1500 words
    If you don't shout nobody will hear you! The first problem is not how to get listed on the first page of Search Engine but how to get listed at all. So how do you let all the Search Engines in the world know that your site exists?

  3. Google Ranking - -  1600 words
    Google places a lot of importance on a sites ranking. This tutorial will tell you what Google Ranking is and how to achieve a high rank.

  4. Page Layout and Content - Rating: 2.1 -  4000 words
    The layout and content of a web page is crucial in gaining a good result in a Search Engine. I cannot over emphasise this. That content is important maybe obvious as Search Engines 'read' web pages. But you may find it surprising that layout is important. I would go as far as saying that the layout is one of the most critical factors in gaining good Search Engine results!!

  5. Flash & Search Engines - Rating: 0.02 -  4800 words
    Most search engines ignore Flash files. With some straight forward techniques you can address this problem so that the Search Engines will sit up and take notice of your Flash work.

  6. Keywords - -  1000 words
    Keywords are one of the most important enhancements you can use. The difference between using good keywords is remarkable. With good keywords you should find your pages being listed near the top of Search Engines.

  7. Test & Improve Google Results - -  1600 words
    Learn how to climb to the top of the Google ladder.

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